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Obama Admin. Goes “Ocean’s ’13” on Senate Intelligence Committee

Did anyone else notice the beautiful play the Obama Admin. pulled on the Senate Intelligence Committee? It was one of the most beautiful political cons I can remember ever witnessing. Releasing the OLC determinations to the Committee just prior to the Brennan hearing completely neutered the Committee’s ability ask any substantive questions. Here’s how the con went down…

1. The Administration leaks “White Memo”to NBC. This was, roughly speaking, the first official recognition that the drone program and extrajudicial targeting of suspected terrorist existed and that there was indeed a memo from the OLC outlining the legal justification and precedent for these actions.

This triggered the dog-whistle cry’s of outrage for “TRANSPARENCY” and the release of these memos to the Senate “Intelligence” Committee.

2. The Administration releases the OLC memos to the Senate “Intelligence” Committee just hours before the Brennan hearing. This gives the Obama Administration the political cover of transparency. It also binds the Senators to silence on any public discussion of anything in those memos due to national security.

3. During the Brennan hearing, Ron Wyden and other Senators are now legally prohibited from asking any substantive questions in the hearing regarding extrajudicial targeting and assassination and the secret CIA drone war.

I also would not be surprised if the Administration and, at least, the Chair and Asst. Chair were all in on the planning and the only con perpetrated here is on the American People.

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