Friday Random Ten And Shakira’s Mom Ass

I just finished making a playlist for a friends restaurant opening so I figured I’d do a random ten, because, what the hell:

Siboh Kitak Nangis – Zee Avi
I’m A Dick – The Muffs (going to see them at the Soda Bar in a few weeks)
Sneakalude – Basement Jaxx
Acid House Killed Rock & Roll – Space Monkeys
Psychedelic Pill – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Shit From An Old Notebook – Minutemen
Get The Funk Out Of My Face – The Brothers Johnson
Deep Blue Sea – Grizzly Bear
Zoloft – Drive-By Truckers
Basic Space – The XX
and : Kids – Sleigh Bells

If you’re going to play at a festival like Bonnaroo, you should play like this:
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