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Ortiz Fumbles Again With Wrong Arrest

As the petition to remove her from office passes the 50,000 mark and a Congressional investigation is preparing to be launched, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is back in the news for failures in her performance.

This time her office helped arrest the wrong man.

In the latest setback for Boston’s beleaguered U.S. attorney, red-faced feds admit they may have arrested the wrong man during a massive gang and drug takedown two weeks ago because he looked like someone they wanted, after they were forced to tell a judge there was “sufficient doubt” that he was the suspect…

A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz declined to say how worried authorities are that they may have arrested an innocent man.

The latest embarrassment comes on the heels of a major loss by Ortiz in a civil forfeiture case where she attempted to take a motel from the owners on the odd justification that drugs had at one point been sold there. Ortiz was rebuked by the judge as she lost the case and any potential funds she would have gained for her office by illegally taking the property.

President Obama has the authority to remove Carmen Ortiz as United States Attorney. Given her continual failures it would seem appropriate to make that change as soon as possible.

Photo by Department of Justice under Public Domain

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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