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Good morning all!

International Developments

? France claims “Hundredsof Islamist militants killed in Mali” and wants Mali under a UN peacekeeping force asap so French troops can leave.

? The US has a drone base in Saudi Arabia, apparently the take-off point for the drone that killed Anwar al-Awlaki in September, 2011.  The press has known about the base, but kept silent.  Emptywheel has more.

? Hmmm.  “Iran arrests ally of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, notorious prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi”. Ahmadinejad has challenged Ayatollah Ali-Khamenei.

? The FBI has been dispatched to investigate last week’s bombing of the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

? When President Obama goes to Israel at the end of March he’ll “bring urgent peacemaking agenda”.

?  Could the “UK face human rights court” as a result of The Open Society Justice Initiative’s torture report?

International Finance

? “Royal Bank of Scotland . . . has been fined $610m by UK and US authorities for its part in the Libor rate-fixing scandal.”

? “Deutsche Bank has suspended more traders as part of an inquiry into whether staff attempted to manipulate [Libor and Euribor] interest rates.”  Five suspended Tuesday in Frankfurt.

? Greek seamen, on strike for six days, have been ordered back to work by the government.

Money Matters USA

?   Thanks to “Congressional incompetence”, there’ll be no more Saturday mail deliveries, as the US Postal Service struggles to survive.

? “Judge Rakoff Delivers Big Blow to Bank of America and JP Morgan in Flagstar Mortgage Putback Ruling”.  Judge Rakoff wasn’t about to be fooled, either.  Thorough analysis, and–finally–a just award.

? Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the US credit rating and the Justice Dept’s lawsuit against them “is raising questions of whether it actually amounts to retaliation.”

? Outgoing Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, has expanded his argument against defense cuts to include the damage they will wreak on the overall economy.  He’s also recommending pay cuts for the troops.  And he’s pondering reducing the carrier fleet in the Persian Gulf by one.

? “Yale Suing Former Students Shows Crisis in Loans to Poor”.  And it’s not just Yale. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.