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Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory as viewed from the Queen's House

Good morning firedogs! Today is Tuesday, February 5th.

On this day in history –

The Royal Greenwich Observatory began broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signals, or the “BBC pips” (1924).

Pierpont Morgan formed US Steel Corp (1901).

It snowed in San Francisco (1887).

The very first moving picture peep show was patented by Samuel Goodale (1861).

30,000 were killed in earthquakes in Calabria (1783), which is part of Italy. Who knew? I didn’t. I should get to Europe more often.

The Prince of Wales became King Charles the II (1649).

The Yankees purchased 20 acres in the Bronx to build Yankee Stadium (1921).

Reader’s Digest was first published (1922). Nobody needs a link to that, right?

Peter Pan by Walt Disney opened at the Roxy Theater in New York (1953).

Know what else happened on this day in history? In 1940, to be exact? This was first recorded.

Yesterday was a slow news day. Sue me 🙂

Should I make this history thing a regular theme? I kind of liked researching this. Do you pupses like reading it?

As always, off topic IS the topic.

See you in the comments!

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