But There Were Planes To Catch And Bills To Pay

I am profoundly busy this week and don’t see a lot of daylight for doing any blogging until possibly the beginning of next week. YES, NEXT WEEK, so don’t go all acting like I’m the dad in Cat’s In The Cradle, o ungrateful whelps…

In fact. I’m so busy, that here is your Thursday Night Basset Blogging very early because there was no guarantee that I was going to get to it later on.

I’m not sure why you can’t embiggen the pictures anymore. Probably Obama’s fault.

So discuss whatever down below, by which I mean every single way in which the promise of America is being denied to you personally because of capitalism/socialism/racism/sexism/ageism/ableism or drones. Remember: blog comments sections are the conversation pits of democracy.

But without the shag carpeting. And the grooviness.

Have at it, hippies….

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