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Another wall about to fall

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As more American states legalize same-sex marriage our traditional European Allies are catching up, French lawmakers overwhelmingly passed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage late last week.

And today the British also appear to be ready to do so:

In an unprecedented joint letter amid a Cabinet split before tomorrow’s parliamentary vote, the ministers, who hold the three great offices of state [William Hague – Foreign Secretary; Teresa May – Home Secretary; and George Osborne – Chancellor of the Exchequer], have written a letter to The Telegraph saying that “attitudes to gay people have changed”.

Their intervention represents a late attempt to persuade other Conservatives to drop their deep-seated opposition to legalising gay marriage. The issue threatens to divide the Conservative Party with more than half of MPs and about four members of the Cabinet refusing to support David Cameron’s decision to champion the move.

This is almost like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor suddenly coming out…for gay marriage — as opposed to paying millions of tax payer dollars to lawyers to write ridiculous arguments.

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