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Someone Tell NOM That Australia Isn’t The 51st State

The Ruth Institute, a project of National Organization for Marriage, posted the following on their Facebook page:

The linked-to Australian newspaper article is about an Australian medical doctor who was cleared by the Australian medical board of misconduct charges stemming from gay-defaming statements he made during testimony to an Australian legislative body.

That should have pleased Ruth Institute, but no. Instead of celebrating the Australian medical board’s confirmation that the doctor was free to promote anti-gay junk science to legislators in Australia, Ruth Institute seems to be saying that the doctor’s American First Amendment right to freedom of speech had been diminished:

First Amendment: Freedom of Speech. These days the freedom to express yourself is not what it used to be.

What Ruth Institute doesn’t explain is how, exactly, the American First Amendment is pertinent to an Australian speaking to other Australians in Australia.  The Australian constitution doesn’t guarantee free speech.

Update (2/5): The Ruth Institute has deleted the post from their Facebook page.

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Laurel Ramseyer

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