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Over Easy: Monday Science

old dutch capuchine pigeon

Do you like it? The very latest from Rossano Ferretti!


Have you ever heard of  flat boron? Many predicted advantages current conductors, but darned difficult to make. These fellows have a new theory. 

Sirtuin protean fountain of youth? Well, maybe. As soon as we get this philosophers stone working.

 Antibiotic resistance may get us before the above can help us, anyway. This is a new tool to help us figure it out.

Fukushima may get us before the bugs. 1,370 uS per hour. Between the reactors and the sea. Tell us again not to worry. Where will they find enough workers to finish this job? They’re still working up to actually admitting the melts are outside containment. I probably shouldn’t call them melts like they’re single blobs. It’s most likely the connections into the reactor failed first and corium under pressure squirted out like toothpaste, then vaporized corium deposited on the inside of the reactor, then the bottom dropped out.

This is a real step forward for fusion power. One of the engineering challenges is how to contain the plasma, given it’s 10m+ degrees temperature. Thin film lithium gives us a new understanding of plasma and opens up a host of other applications.

We’ve found the gene that gives pigeons fancy hair-do’s! If you happen to believe in evolution.

A cute, feathered dinosaur. Probably better behaved than some parrots I know. Raises some interesting questions, if you happen to believe in evolution.

Because it’s a Euro project, we don’t hear much about the Herschel probe. At least I didn’t hear much. Now it’s running out of fuel, probably in March, after a useful life.  We learn a lot about the universe from probes likes this, but absolutely nothing of commercial value. Or patentable. Probably why NASA’s budget gets cut every time. I could buy 3-4 of those satellites for the price of one stealth bomber and employ a lot of middle class scientists.

Wind energy has a lot of potential, though one problem is inconsistent production. At around 1000ft, that problem goes away. Brute force may not be THE answer, but it is always AN answer. Build a  drone, run a wire. Give a moment for the text to load beside the photos.

If you care enough to be reading this, you have probably heard of the concept of using engineered cells to make anything from antibiotics to oil. Production time and production amounts are issues.  This is a step forward for any sort of biological manufacturing, “re-engineering” in as little as 6 hours while before it was two days.

Giving cattle antibiotics or poisoning their corpses to control jackels and such in common in Africa. However, it seems to be poisoning the vultures. This is worse for Africa than it would be here, as the vultures eating carrion is important to control disease and insects.

Obligatory Squid link. I’d never seen or heard of a Squidworm! If you don’t think it’s a squid, well, prove it!

Boxturtle (What? you didn’t recognize the hairdresser mentioned under the photo?)

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