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God, Netflix Struggle With Network Congestion

Americans have more than a little familiarity with traffic jams.  Witness the recent, nationally headlined reporting of metropolitan automotive congestion decrying D.C. as worse only than LA, SF and Boston.

And, if you use most any streaming services, you know the provider’s performance cop-out is always “the network.”

What you may not know is that the Christianist God is similarly constrained.  Fortunately, Believers can provide perspective for all of us.  In fact, it becomes clear that much of the explanation for why bad things happen to good people, and, surely, the converse, is simply a matter of network congestion (

Melissa Knighton, city clerk in Midland City, said a woman had been praying in the town center Monday afternoon. Not long after, the mayor called with news that Dykes was dead and that the boy was safe.

“She must have had a direct line to God because shortly after she left, they heard the news,” Knighton said.


I poop you not.  Now, back to guns and gays.



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