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Well, good morning, kitteh persons! I’m filling in for Peggy today, as she’s recuperating from some minor medical thingy that requires her to stay horizontal more than vertical for a little while.

That’s cool, I love PUYC, as I’m sure all you regulars know. Please be sure to tell us any interesting stories and news about your own kitteh overlords housemates.

I think bgrothus mentioned last week that she has a story to tell, and I’m sure yellowsnapdragon can update us on Nagi’s adventures.
In less fun news, have you all read the various reports about a new study claiming that using improved methodology, cats actually kill “billions” of birds and small mammals? It’s generated lots of controversy, and the New York Times story has stayed at the top of most-read, most-e-mailed since it was published. The link is here.

Honestly, it’s true kittehs are very efficient killers, and they can’t help that. I don’t want to see birds go extinct either, but (naturally) I blame the humans who don’t want to bother with the trouble of keeping their cats indoors, or worse, get tired of them or angry if they spot a flea, and throw their poor pet out to “fend for herself.” Grrrr. That’s where most feral and stray cats come from.
I can’t argue with most of what’s in the article, except they seem to assume that feral cat colonies of TNR’d cats will never shrink in size because “they might encourage owners to abandon their cats,” which ignores the evidence that such colonies do shrink, as they don’t reproduce and re-populate the neighborhood. There’s no evidence at all that the presence of a TNR’d colony has any such effect on owners’ likelihood of abandoning their pets; that’s just made up out of thin air.

Okay, off my soapbox. We should all be aware of this, though, because it may be the start of more cat-hostile local legislation.
As you see, I still can’t do links in an original post, so I put in the tinyurl instead. It’s a mystery. Let’s see what happens with a pic? Here’s an old one of Pushy playing with a catnip toy. He’s been doing this a lot recently:

Well, people, I am trying and failing to post cute pictures outside of my own, admittedly adorable, cats, so… amongst yourselves.  Tell us this week’s kitteh stories from your own family and neighborhood!

Update: experiment:

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