Mental Health and the Gun Violence Debate

Every time I hear a gun control advocate talk about mandatory background checks for criminal record and mental illness, I want to scream and throw stuff at the TV. Being proven guilty of a violent crime should land you on a list of people who can not purchase or own a gun. Mental illness is completely different matter. How much mental illness before you start to lose your Constitutional rights.

I am a mental health patient and a dedicated progressive. I see a psychiatrist for anti-anxiety, anti-depressant medication. I, and countless other mental health patients, will stop, and never seek mental health care again if the police and the government are allowed to build a data base of mental health patients of any kind.

Making reporting of potentially dangerous mental health patients voluntary for providers will cause providers to report anyone who even says the word “kill” for fear of being sued. I can imagine the law suit the first time a mental health patient shoots someone and that person wasn’t reported to the authorities.

This idea is an enormous violation of Doctor/patient privacy and more importantly to multiple civil rights of individual mental health patients.

The way to address the mental health portion of the gun violence debate is to remove the stigma attached to mental illness so more people who need mental health care will seek it. Putting patients on a target list will have the opposite effect of reducing mental health related gun violence.

Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

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