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Late Night: Avoiding the Spectacle

You might have heard the news there is a big football game tomorrow evening? I think they call it the Super Bowl or something. For myself, while I do not know what I will be watching to avoid the nonsense, I’m fairly certain it won’t be football.

I used to be a football fan as part of generally being a fan of all sports. I watched the very first Super Bowl during my freshman year in high school in my company commander’s room as a ‘reward’ for the hazing he put me through. (He reminded me of this ‘benefit’ years later as he apologized to me for how he had treated me.) I watched Joe Willie and the Jets beat the Colts in Super Bowl III before my sister took me back to school after a weekend “leave.” I watched da Raidahs beat the Vikes in Super Bowl XI at the Trainee Welcome Center at Lackland AFB 2 days after I got out of basic training and the day before I entered the hospital for oral surgery.

I will not be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow though. I’m not sure when I last watched a Super Bowl to be honest. I might catch a play or two if I do some channel surfing but I know it has been years since I last sat down and purposefully watched the spectacle. Some of it goes back to seeing how former players could barely move as I described in the intro to a Firedoglake Movie Night for the movie Blood Equity (you can see the movie at Hulu.)

One option for folks will be the Firedoglake Book Salon from 5PM – 7PM EST, Who Stole the American Dream by Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith. I haven’t checked out what old movies will be available and there may even be a tolerable reality TV show of some sort (though that is a rarity in itself.)

So what will you be watching? Will you watch the spectacle (for the awesomeness of the commercials of course?) Or will you just shut off the TV, turn on the music and read a book?

The video is because I can.

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