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Apostrophe Abuse Is Never Right and Other Observations

— One of my pet peeves recently has been a rise in the number of ostensibly native English speakers who have no clue how to use apostrophes. I have seen apostrophe misuse, abuse, and ignorance in all income and cultural settings. For instance, the graphic displayed in this posting by the Rhode Island branch of the right-wing anti-equality group NOM (hat tip to Laurel Ramseyer) incorporates text reading as follows: “Your religious?! Your opinion has no equality here!” For future reference to RI-NOM: The first word should read “You’re”, which is a contraction of the two words “You are”. Usage demonstration: “You’re very into making non-sequitur-based bullshit assertions, aren’t you?”

— Last August 4, President Obama was photographed in the act of skeet shooting. Those GOP base members whose, ah, idiosyncrasies are the result of nearly five decades of nurturing via the Southern Strategy have responded pretty much as you would suspect to this: By claiming without evidence that the photo was faked.

— Another Republican horndog caught abusing the public trust. This time, it’s Nebraska’s (now former) lieutenant governor, Rick Sheehy. Maybe he and David Petraeus can form a support group.

— The National Weather Service fired Bill Proenza, one of its top managers, in an act that to me and many others stinks to high heaven of retaliation. He’d dared to tell the Washington Post a few days ago that the NWS was already hurting because of the cut-here-cut-now-don’t-tax-the-rich mentality gripping Capitol Hill, and that the cuts mandated by sequestration would worsen an already-bad situation to the point where severe storms could escape the Service’s notice until it was too late.

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