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Filing Old Items and Feeling Old Feelings

I’ve been going through old files and receipts, trying to clean things up around here a bit, and I came across a receipt from late 2010. It’s for a tire repair, when both my rear tires were flat. The receipt says “both had screws in them please check and advise and put spare tire back on vehicle.”

Wasn’t the first time I had to fix that kind of flat tire. Once I went to see a local computer expert, the third of four firms I tried to ask for help with our constant awful network intrusions, kind of desperate for help actually. I was so freaked out by that time, I actually hand-carried the box into the office, and when I came out my tire was pancake flat.

The auto repair guy gave me a look and said it appeared as if it had been cut, you know, like with a knife stab.

I heard this recently from another repair guy who said my daughter’s car had the same kind of flat tire, a slit. And then there was the time when my windshield wipers had been slit like that, and I had to buy new ones.

I don’t know if lots of people have experienced this kind of vandalism, but I was so used to it by 2010 I just paid up quietly to get back on the road. I’ve also discovered strange people in my yard, like SWAT teams with guns, and sometimes angry dudes with anti-Obama and pro-NRA bumper stickers on their car, claiming to be performing telephone pole inventories. Working for Alabama companies.

That’s not the worst of it, either. But I’ve decided to start talking about it, in print, since lately the computer actually seems to be working sometimes and maybe there won’t be nasty consequences.

Anybody else experience things like this? I’d love to compare notes.

In fact, I’d love to know if “Clea” – a grad student who found her PhD compromised – and who wrote to a Jeff Kaye-related site that is searchable with DuckDuckGo but not with Google happens to be real or not, because I think we could compare notes and find a lot in common.

There was an interesting article years ago about academic mobbing in Public Health written by a scholar in Wisconsin, too, but when I finally got un-frightened enough to imagine I might call the woman who wrote it, well, it appeared she had died in the interim.

Any ideas out their in FDL land? I’d love some feedback.

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