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Over Easy – Cyberman Squid Uprising



Good morning firedogs. Happy grab bag Tuesday! Here are your links.

Glennzilla on the Pentagon’s plans for a massive cyber-army. What could possibly go wrong?

Anyone remember Joseph Goebbels? How about his step-kids? Well, their descendents are billionaires now, living the good life. The family has had it’s hands in BMW, Daimler, and Mauser Firearms over the years.

From the awesome Carl Sewall (@carlsewall) on Twitter, the best headline you’ll read today. You don’t even need to read the story. Just read the headline.

ICYMI, our good friend David Dayen published a piece at The New Republic yesterday. Fantastic writing from him, not that I’m surprised. David delves into the work Progressives have down to relieve California’s fiscal woes and actually balance the state budget.

Another hat tip to @CarlSewall – Sarah Palin was paid $15.85 per word spoken on air during her three years at Fox News. Anybody know someone over at Fox? I’ll work for a tenth of that.

Here’s one for our science nerd friends, and also for our IT nerd friends. I’m a little bit of both 🙂

You bored yet? Read this.

And because I haven’t seen it mentioned on the ‘Lake yet, here’s a report on the widespread raids and arrests of journalists in Iran 2 nights ago.

We activists all need a lift sometime.

A Giant Squid (skip to 2:25 in if you’re impatient).

Photo from trevorme via flickr.

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