Erick Erick Erick Erick Erick Erick Erickson’s Sad Viking Funeral

It seems that it is now The Age of Purges at all of the Big Media hotspots with The New Republic kristallnachting the shit out of the Jews and (apparently the non-Jews), the unceremonious sacking of Granny Methbabble last week for a younger hotter ….well, nobody actually, since they already have in-house Alaskan “Democrat” Kirsten Powers to say the same stupid things with the added bonus of English as a first language, and now CNN, which needs a severe blowing up like nobody’s business, is breaking up that old gang of theirs:

CNN contributors and political power couple James Carville and Mary Matalin are leaving the network, Carville told POLITICO today.

The decision was CNN’s, Carville said: “I was told that they wanted the contributors to be more available — essentially, closer to Washington. I’m not always available, I don’t live there.”

While James  Carville can, at times, be wonderfully entertaining, the whole Carville/Matalin “odd couple” schtick has been DOA since about an hour after it started. No huge loss here. But then….

News of Carville and Matalin’s departure first surfaced in a report from FishbowlDC, which also noted that conservative contributor Erick Erickson would be moving to Fox News, which POLITICO has confirmed.

One would think that Erick ? would be pleased with the move since, compared to Sean Hannity, Erick looks like John Ruskin, but no, Erick haz a sad, particularly after he told his daughter Erika Erika Erika Erika Erika Erickson that he wasn’t going to working with the nice gay man anymore:

I was not going to say anything, but rather just fade away. I suppose though with rumors and reports I should say something.

My voicemail and inbox are, as I type, filling up. I have turned my phone off as the only way to get it to stop ringing.

Yes, I can confirm I am leaving CNN. It was a very, very difficult decision.

When I told my 7 year old I had decided to leave, she laid on the sofa for an hour crying that she’d never see Anderson Cooper again. She’s never actually met Anderson Cooper. But I have and I’ll miss him and his team and I’ll miss Wolf and his team, and all the other terrific people I’ve worked with these last three years. I deeply regret never working up the courage to pull on Wolf’s beard.

Oh hahahah, a little humor to deal with THE PAIN. But, seriously folks:

Me at CNN was not an easy fit. The first month was tumultuous with several tumultuous times throughout. I liked to think of myself as job security for the public relations department. About the only thing the far right and far left could agree on was that I did not belong at CNN.

For three years I have received unmitigated hate and loathing from the left and, ironically, from a lot of folks on the right. Frankly, I’d like to thank some significant people responsible for my time at CNN, but (1) they know who they are and (2) it’d just generate hate mail for them so I better not.

For some reason saying something negative about the GOP was fine here at RedState, but saying the same damn thing on CNN brought in a flurry of emails from conservatives accusing me of selling out. Funny how that works.

Let me set the record straight in a way I could not were I still under contract because of how self-serving it would sound.

Please proceed, Erick(s):

For three years I have worked with some of the greatest people I have ever had the joy of meeting. It has been a privilege to sit in a green room and hear Paul Begala or James Carville or Donna Brazile or Hillary Rosen or David Gergen or Alex Castellanos or Ari Fleischer or Mary Matalin or Gloria Borger or so many others tell stories about their days in the White House or on the campaign trail or covering the politicians who’ve governed the country these last few decades.

Apostate. Kill him with fire.

Because of CNN I’m not just better at my job, but I’m a better person. For all the hate and angst from a lot of folks on the right over me going to CNN, I know many of the contributors I consider good friends were initially skeptical of my hiring. I had to learn an art form too often missing these days in partisan talk — the art of conversation, particularly with those who might disagree with me. I had to learn to be friends with people who I disagreed with. And I leave deeply caring for those people.

…and he learned that it is not considered ‘well mannered’ to call a retiring Supreme Court a “goat-fucking child molester“. Or threaten to kill census takers. Or being such an obvious racist. Or a misogynist.

So, really, Erick’s adventures at CNN are very similar to Dorothy’s adventures in Oz where lessons were learned … except in this case nobody gets a brain, or a heart, or courage. But Erick does get a new paycheck at Fox, so it’s not a total loss.

Now repeat after me: There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home….

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