Tech Bytes, Monday January 28

Welcome to Data Privacy Day!  To celebrate the fact that, well, we don’t have very much….

  • Department of Defense plans a massive expansion to ensure military control over internet-based communications. Oh, and a massive contractor boondoggle in the midst of forced austerity on everyone else.
  • Facebook and Instagram are locking people out of their accounts and asking for uploaded images of government-issued IDs and birth certificates in order to regain access.
  • An appeals court says that Twitter must hand over information to the government in the Wikileaks probe.  The government doesn’t need a warrant, the reasons why it is seeking the information remains sealed, and the subscribers have no first amendment rights to access the information lest they be “tipped off” about the government’s investigation.  Change!
  • Blackrock coughs up $80 million for a stake in Twitter, buying stock from about 2 dozen employees and giving the company some breathing room before its inevitable IPO.
  • I’m not even sure what a Fashion Hackathon is, but it seems to be extremely popular and very sold out.
  • Yahoo stock has surged 30% since Melissa Mayer took the helm, but analysts will be looking for revenues when the company reports its earnings later today.
  • Shark jumping in our time: Cosmo wants to do an article on lady hackers. (h/t BetaBeat)
  • Eat like Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher’s pancreas gives out after two days on Jobs’ frutarian diet.
  • UK Safari users suing Google for tracking them without permission.
  • Google blogs about what they do when the government asks them for your information.
  • Iran launches a monkey into space, plans to put a man on the moon by 2025. I’m all for the space race over the arms race, but not exactly what I was thinking.
  • FAIR gives props to FDL’s Kevin Gosztola for reporting that PBS’s infomercial on drones was underwritten by drone maker Lockheed Martin, violating NOVA’s underwriting rules.

Finally, #YOLO — you only live once, from Saturday Night Live (above).  So don’t go outside, because the world’s a scary place.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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