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Over Easy: Monday Science

Jackass Penguin

Evidence God has a sense of humor


This is neat for a number or reasons. First, it tells us we’re missing something in our theories. Protons are composed of three quarks, but we may have their arrangement wrong for example. Next, we’ve made stable enough muon hydrogen to study. The muon is like the electron, but the next level in the standard model along with Strange and Charm quarks.

First contact with a colony of Emperor Penguins. Penguins are evidence that God (or FSM) has a sense of humor.

And we can play with quark/gluon plasma. This is what the universe was composed of for a short, but critical, moment during the Big Bang that has a lot to do with how the universe finally looked.

Why do Republicans fear science so much? Let’s ask the Discovery Institute!


More evidence God has a sense of humor

Pet a Platypus! Platypus are also evidence that God has a sense of humor.

Have you ever wondered about platypus venom?

Score another one for video games. Looks like the AR goggles that have been the up and coming thing can be used to help people with optical conditions that glasses can’t fix.

Still grumpy about Dirty Jobs being cancelled. So here’s another store about Poo and the critters that work with it. Seems that dung beetles navigate by the milky way!

Japan will be mining for rare earths to break China’s monopoly. Seabed mining of metals, what could possibly go wrong?

Unnnamed Squid

Evidence that God occasionally drinks too much

Discovery Channel’s Giant Squid Special was last night, I had to record it because it’s after my bedtime. If you missed it, I’m sure they’ll rerun it. Squid are evidence that God (or FSM) occasionally drinks too much.

Everything we know about the squid in the photo.

Potential major breakthrough.  Hydrogen is cool stuff, it’s common and when burned it produces water NOT CO2. But by the time you’ve got it into a burnable form, you’ve spend a lot of money and carbon. This is a catalytic process. However, it’s not yet scalable to a gas station.

On the subject of alternate energy, this is new to me. Using salinity differences to generate power!

The prime minister of Japan on 3/11 has written a book on it. This is likely to be a good read, probably not quite as self serving as a US politician would write. On the subject of Fukushima, 240K Bq/SqM recorded 80 km from the plant. Not good. 55% of 11-15 year old Fukushima girls have thyroid abnormalilities. 430K Bq/SqM at least recorded in a Fukushima river. Meter was pegged.

Unsure if this is good news or not. We may live to regret creating these variants. Or we may be ready for the variants when they appear in nature.  It seems to me that the research was killed due to largely irrational fears about terrorists duplicating it. If the terrorists had a bio warfare dept, we’d already be seeing hemorrhagic fevers in NYC. If they COULD rob a Biosafety level 4 site, they’d have already done so.

Whales may be altruistic.  At least this group seems to be. Adopting a deformed dolphin!

Cheaters DO prosper. Once again, NOT about Republicans but about slime molds.

Star Trek was right. Again.

Boxturtle (This is delicious)

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