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Fatster’s Roundup

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Good morning, all.

International Developments

? Having seized Gao, French and Malian troops are now headed to Timbuktu.  Update: they’ve now entered Timbuktu.

? Last February in Egypt there was a riot in Port Said, in which 74 people were killed, following a football game.  At the conclusion of last week’s trial of those implicated in the riot, 21 were condemned to death, leading to a new riot leaving “at least” 30 dead. Update: Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared a state of emergency in Port Said, Suez and Ismalia.

? Egypt’s Tahrir Square has once again been the site of rape–at least 25 women were victims recently, “including one who was raped with a bladed weapon.”

? Lebanese security officials say Sunni militants from Lebanon are going to Syria “in greater numbers” to fight alongside Islamic extremists against the Syrian government.  Speaking at Davos, King Abdullah of Jordan “warned of Al Qaeda’s presence in Syria”.  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev thinks Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s “chances of retaining power in Syria are shrinking.”

? Less than 1.5% of Syria is forest, and now that is imperiled by Syrians desperate for fuel for heating and cooking.

? “Iraq Parliament Votes to Keep Maliki From Seeking New Term”

? A peaceful rally in Baku, Azerbaijan protesting police brutality was broken up by police who brutally beat and jailed protestors.

? Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconia “sparked outrage” today by praising Mussolino.

? Is the US preparing for military action in Bolivia?

International Finance

? Predictions from the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.  (George Soros’ is particularly disturbing.)

? Bill Black on “Why the World Economic Forum and Goldman Sachs Are Capitalism’s Worst Enemies”

? Russia, the US, and now China?  Cheered on by the U.S. and “attracted by the country’s vast mineral resources . . . China could prove the ultimate winner in Afghanistan“.  Security is “the key challenge”.

Money Matters USA

? President Barack Obama promised yesterday to “watch the US financial industry to prevent what he called ‘irresponsible behavior'”.  Verily,  the banksters are quaking in fear.

?  “U.S. Income Inequality Worse Than Many Latin American Countries”.  The US “inequality measure” of 16.0 is at mid-point between Honduras at 25.5 (the worst) and Uruguay at 8.0.

Politics USA

? Senator Tom Harkin (D-IO) has decided to retire in 2014.

?  They’re starting to line up behind Jeb Bush’s recent article on immigration.  Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is confidant that Republicans will “get on board with a comprehensive immigration bill” since they are “losing [the Hispanic vote] dramatically”.

? Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) says  his party must:  “show our ideas are better at fighting poverty, . . . better at solving health care, . . . better at solving the problems that people are experiencing in their daily lives.”  He’s concerned about dependency culture.   Tell that to the 22% of children in this country today who are in poverty. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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