I Love You But I Have Chosen Illness

…or rather: it has chosen me.

The flu in all its phlegmy glory has come to Casa Tbogg and the house is like a TB ward with better views. If I wanted to cough like this I would have spent the last forty years smoking three packs a day of menthol goodness. Outside of the chills/fever/sniffling/wracking cough I’ve got such a sinus headache that I can’t wear my glasses for more than twenty minutes at a time, meaning that reading was out of the question and, since I’m the kind of person who can’t have a solo meal unless I have something to read in front of me, this is a very fresh hell indeed. Last night I watched a bunch of Luther episodes on Netflix (okay, i get the Idris Elba worship now) and today was spent flaked out on a couch listening to the sounds outside (the wind, the rattle of palm fronds, a dog barking in the distance, waves crashing on the beach) and staring out the window at the clouds swept by.

So, yeah, it was like a Terrence Malick movie but with more character development.

…and now my twenty minutes of vision time is up, so I’m outta here.

Back soon.

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