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Come Saturday Morning: Stories From All Over

— A hopeful story: University of Minnesota researchers may be on the way to reversing spinal cord injuries.

— A sleazy story: Right-wing racist agita site The Dally Caller (How racist is it? Even Joe Scarborough is disgusted), frustrated that the mainstream media is ignoring its ongoing innuendo-thick, actual-evidence-thin war on Bob Menendez, is now accusing him of carousing with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, TDC continues to steadfastly avoid giving the same sort of treatment to conservative radio personality and drug abuser Rush Limbaugh, whose Viagra-laced trips to the Dominican are the stuff of legends.

— An infuriating story: For all you Minnesotans who know and love Dinkytown, kiss it goodbye — greedy Opus developers are about to gut its heart to build more condos for suburban students when they apparently can’t even fill the flats already in existence (and in at least one case, the Stadium Village Flats, built by those same developers).

— A happier story: Via ThirdandState, we hear of this: American industries, worried about rising fuel costs and lack of IP protections, are deciding to stay in or return to the US.

So what’s been going on in your neck of the woods this week?

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