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The Right to Own Drones is the Right to be Free

They can take my 20th-century weaponry, my rifles, pistols, and shotguns, and I no longer feel the need for my own nuclear deterrent. In opposing forces of oppression, they’d not be of that much help anyway. So, I’m looking into a 21-century solution for the protection of freedom, do-it-yourself drones.

What do military units do? They find targets (a.k.a. surveillance) and service of targets, i.e., deliver warheads (chemical, biological, impactful, or explosive) onto targets. Each drone would have a camera (for surveillance) and/or a warhead (for servicing targets) — impact warheads (e.g., bullets) are not illegal and can easily be swapped for warheads of greater lethality when the going gets tough.

Unlike the current generation of government drones, these drones would not employ precision rocketry to cover the “last mile” to the target — if you think about it, a cruise missile is simply an expendable drone (except for the kamikazes, which were non-drone cruise missiles), and do-it-yourself drones are very expendable, i.e., they’re model airplanes with fancier software.

I would imagine such drones to operate as wolf-packs (i.e., swarms) and that, in times of need, they would operate as part of some kind of a well-regulated malitia against oppressor forces.


All snark aside, I’m simply trying to draw attention to where this technology can (and likely will) go. And, remember, you can’t repeal technology. Per HuffPo (1/22/13):

WASHINGTON — As the technology for arming drones spreads around the world, terrorists could use the unmanned, missile-firing aircraft to attack and kill the president and other U.S. leaders, the former chief of U.S. intelligence said Tuesday.

Retired Adm. Dennis Blair, who served as President Obama’s first director of national intelligence, told reporters he was concerned that the proliferation of armed drones — a potential outgrowth of the U.S. reliance on drones to attack and kill terrorists — could well backfire.

“I do fear that if al Qaeda can develop a drone, its first thought will be to use it to kill our president, and senior officials and senior officers,” Blair said during a conference call with reporters. “It is possible without a great deal of intelligence to do something with a drone you cannot do with a high-powered rifle or driving a car full of explosives and other ways terrorists now use to try killing senior officials,” he said.


Emphasis added.

But, note that those aircraft don’t have to be “missile-firing.” They are (or can become) missiles themselves.

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