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Not leading the parade — but giving the final push

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It certainly wasn’t something in which he led, but President Obama’s statement in his Inaugural Address (the alliteration of which appeared last Spring) recognizing the need for marriage equality may signal the effective end of resistance in much of the country.

The Rhode Island House has overwhelmingly passed legislation to allow gay couples to marry.

The House passed the legislation 51-19 Thursday following an emotional debate that touched on religion, civil rights and the nature of marriage.

If the measure passes the state senate and is signed, Rhode Island will join Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia in recognizing same-sex marriage.

And after a campaign where a ban on same-sex marriage was rejected at the polls, Minnesota looks ready to move as well.

A new PPP poll of Minnesotans shows a plurality now supports marriage equality, by a 47 to 45 margin. Fully 75 percent of Minnesotans (including 65 percent of Republicans) back at least allowing civil unions. PPP estimates that given the trend and the age demographics, a majority Minnesotans will likely support marriage equality by the next election.

And the express endorsement of a Presidential Address will only help all the more.

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