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MA Sen: Scott Brown Would Start With a Large Lead if He Chooses to Run

Scott Brown

It is possible that President Obama has handed Republicans a Senate seat by nominating Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) to be Secretary of State. If former Senator Scott Brown (R) decides to run in the special election he would start off with a large lead over the likely Democratic nominee Ed Markey, according to a new poll by MassINC.

MassINC (1/16-19)

In the general election, what if the Democratic Party’s candidate were Ed Markey and the Republican Party’s candidate were Scott Brown? Would you be more likely to vote for Republican Scott Brown or Democrat Ed Markey?

53% Scott Brown
31% Ed Markey
0% Another candidate (not read)
3% Wouldn’t vote (not read)
12% Don’t Know / Refused

Elizabeth Warren (D) did recently beat Brown 53.7 percent to 46.2 percent in the last election, but Warren had broad grassroots support and was running during a Presidential election. The electorate in a special election is likely to be older and more Republican leaning.

Despite his loss Brown remains a strong candidate with high name recognition and still retains impressive favorability numbers. According to the poll, 55 percent have a favorable opinion of Brown and only 32 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

If Brown chooses to run he hase a real chance of winning but it is still possible he might sit out the election.

Photo by Dexta32084 under Creative Commons license

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