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We Are Jamaicans – LGBT Jamaicans Speak Out


We Are Jamaicans has posted many videos on YouTube in which LGBT Jamaicans and non LGBT supporters of equal rights for LGBT people in Jamaica speak out about the violations of the human rights of LGBT People in Jamaica.

This is a very courageous and dangerous thing to do because they are literally risking their lives.

If two adult men have consensual sex in Jamaica, that is a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison at hard labor. This law is rarely enforced.

Even though the law criminalizing adult consensual male-to-male sex in Jamaica is rarely enforced, it makes all gay men unindicted criminals, with devastating human rights abuse of Jamaican LGBT people.

There are no laws in Jamaica that criminalize sex between two consenting adult women. But many Jamaicans think that sex between consenting adult women is also illegal.

Lesbians are subjected to the same hatred, violent attacks and persecution in Jamaica that gay men are subjected to. Lesbians are also subjected to something called “Corrective Rape.”

A number of countries in the Caribbean, besides Jamaica, criminalize LGBT sex between consenting adults. LGBT people cannot even legally enter Trinidad & Tobago and Belize, though these laws are rarely enforced. Barbados and Guyana both have a life sentence penalty for consensual sex between two consenting adult men.

Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States all grant asylum to LGBT people from Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The “We Are Jamaicans” campaign is funded with the support of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) through its Global Fund Vulnerablised Project.

Please watch these videos and tell your friends about them.

For more information about the intense homophobia in Jamaica and the Caribbean and “murder music” which is used to promote hatred, violence and lynching in Jamaica and the Caribbean, see “21 Years of Musical Mayhem – ‘Boom Bye Bye’ – 1992 to 2013”

YouTube Playlist Anti LGBT Violence In Jamaica

This is a very powerful YouTube video about what LGBT people experience in Jamaica: Thomas Glave – Oslo Freedom Forum 2011

This is a near transcription of Thomas Glave’s presentation at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2011 (YouTube video link above): Jamaica: Toward a Queer Prayer

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