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Obama cribs from anti-choice playbook to deny patients medicine

Washington State’s highest elected officials and law enforcement officials met with their federal counterparts, US Attorney General Eric Holder and top officials from President Obama’s Justice Department, earlier this week to discuss the state’s program for implementing the will of the public, who late last year voted to legalize cannabis for recreational consumption by adults.

The governor and the state’s attorney general expressed their vision for constructing a statewide system that will allow for the public’s demand that cannabis be legal be actualized and that would make the legal product available in the consumer marketplace.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson told reporters that the intention of the state’s lawmakers and law enforcers is to “move forward in implementing I-502.” Ferguson reportedly conveyed to the federal officials that, “We have assembled a legal team in the Attorney General’s Office, and I have made legal implementation of this initiative a top priority.”

The federal officials, however, did not approach the meeting expressing their honest intent to use their offices to ensure that the ship of state will do all it can to facilitate will of the public. As has been widely reported, Attorney General Holder made no public statement regarding the meeting, and nowhere in the reporting about the meeting did the US Attorney General make any statement whatsoever with respect to the intentions of the federal government to facilitate, encourage, support or cooperate with state authorities in their expressed goal to bring to fruition the will of Washington’s people.

Silence on Holder’s behalf, as identified quite clearly in all reportage of this meeting between honest state authorities (who have a vision to bring the public will to fruition in a rational way that takes serious account of public safety) and dishonest federal officials (who are not interested in the will of the public but are sycophantic to the prison industrial complex and to drug warriors who carry out the bigoted ‘war on drugs’ that imperils public safety) can only indicate that Obama’s justice department’s plan is to go ‘full bore’ in implementing the enforcement scheme that it has used in California: let cannabis be legal but, make it impossible for users, even the sick, to access the legal product.

The editors of mLaw equate the federal government’s aggressive attack on our nation’s sick patients, many of whom have lifelong debilitating diseases that cause unbelievable pain and discomfort, to what has historically taken place with respect to abortion rights in the US.  Politicians, on both the state and federal level, who personally disagree with the will of the people as expressed in court rulings as in the case of abortion rights, have abused their power to limit the ability of pregnant women to be able to access abortion services even though abortion has been a legal medical procedure in the US for 50 years.

Obama’s Justice Department’s cynical and calculated attack on medical marijuana dispensaries in California and elsewhere is as bigoted, small minded, rooted in brute political calculation and, in a word, immoral as the abusive power wielding that anti-abortionist politicians have practiced over a half a century that has led to abortion, a fully legal medical procedure in the US, being unavailable to patients in 98 percent of America’s counties in 2013.

The lack of criminal prosecutions for the vast and coordinated illegality and fraud carried out by financial services companies and the nation’s largest banks that led to the New Depression, and the abandonment of our nation’s cherished legal requirement to afford due process to citizens accused of a crime illustrate that the Obama government has continually demonstrated its fealty to industry and the national security state and shown a predisposition to ignore, abandon and frustrate the will of the people as expressed through the ballot.

We have a Democrat in the white house who has used all of his power and the power of the state to make it impossible for sick Americans to access beneficial medicine, a stance that is anti-science, anti-patient, anti-small-d-democracy, anti-human and at the same time, pro-private prison complex, pro-racist drug war and pro-private drug company profits. In light of Obama’s vigor to make it impossible for sick Americans to access medicine, and, of much less import but still of significance, for adults to use cannabis recreationally, many Americans are now, quite reasonably asking, “who does this jackass work for, anyhow?”

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