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My Dad

My father and I at my sister’s wedding in 2011.

My dad John, whom you knew well as Scarecrow, passed away early Tuesday morning. He went relatively peacefully. I was at his side throughout the process. Despite how painful and sad his passing is, I am grateful, and I know he was grateful, that we were here with him for his last days, hours, minutes, and final breaths.

There is too much to say about how great a man he was. He was an outstanding father (taught me just about everything I know), mentor, and coach for my sister Sarah and me growing up. In his professional life he worked on energy and electricity regulatory rules and markets for over 35 years. He and his Cambridge team, consisting of some of the finest minds in the country, essentially wrote the market rules for large chunks of the U.S.’s electrical grids. Their work was consistently motivated by economic fairness, efficiency, and anti-monopolistic structures. It was noble, heroic, and impactful work.

He was also, as you well know, tremendously passionate about his work for FDL. In his writing, and through his friendship with you many readers, writers, commenters, and especially Jane (whom he often called the Lady of the Lake), he was able to find his voice–and create such wonderful connections and dialogues with all of you. He loved blogging. He loved FDL. In fact, on his hospital bed, he had an FDL blanket wrapped around him, which I will proudly keep for him. Firedoglake gave him an opportunity to put his brilliant, analytical mind to work, but more importantly it was where he could advocate passionately and vociferously and incisively for the convictions he held so deeply–a list you know well, I’m sure: smarter and more progressive policies, economic fairness, equality and justice under the law, power for the powerless, civic and social responsibility, and, in the words of fellow Berkeley-man Brad DeLong, for goodness’ sake, a better press corps.

I am and will always be incredibly proud of him, and I am so grateful that I am his son. I want to extend my great thanks as well to Jane and the entire FDL community for being there together with him in his writings and in his advocacy for a better, more just world. May he rest in peace.

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Chris Chandley

Chris Chandley