Tech Bytes, Wednesday January 23

  • Silicon Valley phenoms including Alexis Ohanian, Robert Scoble and Tim Draper appear in a video to raise money for small businesses hit by Hurricane Sandy. Nobody should give up their day jobs, but that’s part of the video’s appeal.
  • Wikileaks acknowledges contact with Aaron Swartz.  Why did the Secret Service step in 2 days before Swarz’s arrest?
  • CBS says that if Dish had told them about the Hopper’s ad-skipping technology, they never would have signed a retransmission agreement with them.  Uh-oh.
  • Why is Google giving $300 million to develop a competitive Firefox phone OS? Because that’s a drop in the bucket for having Google the default search engine in the browser, and to keep the antitrust wolves at bay. Can anyone say Microsoft and IE?
  • Bitcoin online casinos turning a profit, one after only six months.
  • If you bought the Pebble watch as one of the company’s $10 million Kickstarter investors, it may be shipping soon.  But Apple has yet to approve the app.
  • FBI overreach helps Kim Dotcom launch “a small, buggy, not-very-original New Zealand website” with millions in free publicity.
  • Google’s stock soars after earnings report.  They seem to have convinced investors that they’ve overcome the mobile issues that bedeviled their last earnings report, but Peter Kafka at AllThingsD is still skeptical.
  • Leahy and Grassley reintroduce antitrust Whistleblower protection bill (PDF).
  • Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel faced questioning from the Darryl Issa and the House Oversight Committee on federal IT spending, not much on the IT reform bill they’re ostensibly working on.
  • Space trash: Raytheon to build “disposable” fighter-deployed satellites to facilitate “battlefield viewing from the edge of space.”  Can we have the Cold War space race back, please?
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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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