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Good evening!

International Developments

Insightful report on Mali, threatening to become a French “quagmire”.  Mali’s north is isolated politically and economically; military actions only exacerbate the north’s problems. Massive inflow of weapons from Libya;   in-flux of extremists battling colonial powers; investors grabbing resources (oil and gold and land). And the refugees–200,000 estimated so far.

? US airlifts of French troops to Mali have begun.

? “US drone strikes publicly criticised by Yemeni cabinet minister”

? “U.S. drone kills four al Qaeda members in Yemen”

Office space for al-Qaeda in Doha, Qatar, courtesy of the US and Afghanistan.  If the Taliban aren’t talking with the Afghan government within six months, though, the office will be closed.

International Finance

? “Greece has brought criminal charges against [three officials] responsible for measuring the country’s debt, thereby calling into question the validity of its €172bn second bailout by the EU and the International Monetary Fund.”

? Mussolini bought Vatican recognition of his regime–a sum that’s since grown to its present £500m+ and has been used to purchase UK, Paris and Swiss properties.  But the Vatican doesn’t do such purchases openly, relying instead on shadowy entities–and offshore tax havens.  JP Morgan is also involved.

? Elderly people threaten to become such a drain on the economy, that Japan’s FInance Minister Taro Aso says “Let elderly people ‘hurry up and die'”.  Further, he “would refuse end-of-life care [for himself] and would ‘feel bad’ knowing treatment was paid for by government.” He calls elderly, incapacitated patients “tube people”.

? During 2012, the number of unemployed worldwide grew by 4 million to 197 million–and is expected to grow by 5.1 million in 2013.

Money Matters USA

?  The handling of the $8.5bn settlement between the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency/the Federal Reserve and mortgage servicers is worse than thought.  Yves Smith presents the first two installments of “Bank of America Foreclosure Reviews: Whistleblowers Reveal Extensive Borrower Harm and Orchestrated Coverup” (Part I, Part II).  Steamy stuff.  US Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) of the House Financial Services Committee has begun an inquiry.  DDay alerted us to this “complete tragedy” beginning here and here.

?  “America’s response to the Great Migration [of blacks from the US south to the north] was to enact a one-sided social contract . . . The half-assed social contract” which has been used to suppress black people.

? “Former Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) [is now] chief executive officer of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners”, responsible for implementing  the Affordable Care Act.  He’ll also be “advising” a K-street outfit, Agenda–which is exempt from the requirement that two years must elapse before former senators can be hired by lobbying firms.

? One of con man R. Allen Stanford’s partners has been sentenced to 5 years for his role in the fraud.  He’d asked for 4 since he’d cooperated with the feds in the case. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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