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Help! Too Dumb for FDL! (or… What Makes FDL Different!)

I have been a member for a short while, and have posted an op only a few times. I have been forced to consider the reasons for this.

It was too easy on some of those other sites. An entire op could be one or two sentences and there was no problem with that! I went over the “guidelines” for an op here, and they suggest a minimum of 100 words! Hell, I don’t even know if I know 100 words!

And then there is the dread of having ones op stand beside the other often brilliantly written ones. It is downright intimidating. I actually have to THINK and THINK SOME MORE before daring to risk comparison!

Let’s not forget the “thinking outside the box”thing.  It seems nothing is “sacred” on FDL! People rip apart entire parties, besainted “progressives” and canidates without the hall monitors swooping down on them to teach them the error oftheir ways! Freedom of thought can be quite scary…  There doesn’t seem to be some mainstream flow of opinion that you can settle into comfortably like a warm bath, all steamy and bubbly. All too often, diving into the op is more like the cold shock of plunging into icewater!

I post less here not because I don’t enjoy the site – quite the opposite. I come here to check in to see what is going on that the other sites won”t talk about. And I am rarely disappointed.

Thanks to all the writers at FDL for informing and incisive writing. I hope this place never goes away!


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