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Greetings from Frozen Erie, Pa!

We set a 100 year record for most snowfall today! Went 1 mile to get grocceries, unbeknownst to me had slow leak in right front tire. Excaberated by the sub zero wind chill, made it 2 blocks before tire rolled off the rim. Spare was frozen to its fixture- won’t budge. Caught cab home with groceries. Lesson? BE PREPARED!!!

Second lesson – Phoenix, I hate you! (Warmest city in U.S. right now 🙂 )

On Edit –

Sorry for the irrelevant post, but I was quite rattled when I made it home last night. To all friends living along the snow belt, please be prepared before going out . I’ was very fortunate this happened close to home. On the interstate, it could have been disaterous. Stay warm! 🙂

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