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Over Easy: Monday Science

Squid are cool

Gumboot Chiton Teeth improve solar power!


The Russians think they’ve got a clean water sample from Lake Vostok. We’ll have to wait a bit to be sure. Their last sample was bad. They might find life, they might find cold water. However, the US is actually ahead on the search for life, just from another lake. I still think Vostok is more interesting, the water there is older.

Yes, there are more efficient solar cells than this. What makes this special is it’s ability to be manufactured in a continuous process. And it’s bendable, meaning it can fit over odd shaped surfaces. I’m still waiting for solar panels that can replace shingles.

Mars had lakes.

Belgium is building a donut to store energy. The idea is to use wind energy to pump water into the donut, then let it run out through a turbine. They want to get away from nuclear.

Japan is seeing value in wind, too.

We’ve actually installed the solar panels here in my town. We’re powering a wastewater treatment plant.

America as a whole, on the other hand, has our nuclear industry calling in favors.

Meanwhile, climate change takes aim at ME!

They’re still hyping Comet Ison.  Closest approch will be around Xmas 2013. Mark your calendars.

Using snails teeth to improve solar cells?!? Where do they get these ideas?

A three pound goldfish.  I’ve caught bigger carp, but not gold ones.

Just because the squid can’t get you on land doesn’t mean you can’t be eaten in a hideous manner. Next Bond villain, take note.

The large heads on Easter Island were said by legend to have walked from the quarry to where they stood. Perhaps the legend was right.

For those of us who still like books. Original folio sets of Audubon could set you back $50K.

In honor of a friendly mockingbird. Yes, it’s old but it popped up when I searched  mockingbird.

Loneliness hurts.

Talk about messing with your mind.

Boxturtle (No squid news this week)

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