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There is no way to talk about the tragedy we have experienced here just now.  It has struck the progressive community close to home and we are extending our love to the family; our neighbors and friends, at this time.

But it gives me an opportunity to post a link to this story that should have more attention.  Our Secretary of State, Diana Duran, is a handmaiden of ALEC, and we have been force fed too much of her testimony on “voter fraud” at the Roundhouse not to find the biting irony in her complicity to cover up voter forgery by Governor Martinez.

Also too, Governor Susana Martinez, most comfortable in the role of Prosecutor in Chief and as a future hope for Republicans nationwide, deserves visibility for her own personal lawbreaking.  She is a good one for that apt old saw “do as I say, not as I do.”

Thanks to ProgressNow New Mexico for their work in bringing it all to light!


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