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Come Saturday Morning: Adelson’s Wife Turned Nonprofit Clinic Into Political Vehicle (UPDATE: Truthout Retracts Story)

Keepin it in the Family?

(01/31/13 UPDATE: Word has come to me that Truthout has retracted the story to which my blog post below refers. The story, by Truthout’s Danny Weil, apparently misread the OpenSecrets data, and confused contributions made by individuals with those from PACs. I regret passing along this error in the Truthout story, a story I cited in good faith.)

Archconservative billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson isn’t the only member of his immediate family who’s been in trouble lately. From Truthout (h/t to my MR co-blogger Charles), look at what Adelson’s wife Miriam’s been caught doing:

According to, The Adelson Clinic for Drug Abuse Treatment and Research was the fourth largest contributor to right-wing political action committees (PACs), political parties and outside spending groups in the nation in 2012; the organization contributed over $24 million to these groups.

Online news site, reported in 2012 that Dr. Miriam Adelson and the Adelson Clinic contributed $22.5 million to the following political actions committees: $12.5 million to Winning Our Future, $5 million to Restore Our Future, $ 2.5 million to Young Guns Action Fund, and $2.5 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Although the clinic is a stated non-profit organization, it makes massive contributions to conservative political groups that raise questions about its philanthropic mission.

Murky political dealings aren’t the only controversial thing connected with the clinic. The state of Nevada, where the methadone-prescribing clinic Dr. Miriam Adelson backs with her (or her hubby’s) money is located, has a methadone-poisoning rate that is twice the national average; in 2007, the Adelson clinic was invited by a local TV station to comment on the methadone problem in Nevada, but, after initially agreeing to the interview, canceled it.

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