Sorry, I’ve little time or desire to write a diary. I will just quote a recent comment I made (ETA: somewhat updated) in Obama EPA Shut Down Texas Shale Gas Water Contamination Study:

Recommended, and thanks for posting on this.

However, I can’t help but wonder why activists are not doing a better job on this issue, and using it not just to deal with fracking, but also, simultaneously, using the issue to deal with our corrupt system of government that allows the common good to be sacrificed for the $$ of the few. Who is transforming fracking revelations into reform candidates, and reform-minded citizens who are pledging to vote for the reform candidates, if and when they appear?

I think that fracking, and also GMO’s, are the issues par excellence, which can be used to galvanize the torpid and demoralized American sheeple into aggressive voting blocs – left and right. Furthermore, fracking and GMO’s can be used to build alliances between left and right – and I do mean sooner, rather than later.

The reason is that the dangers are

  • a) emotional
  • b) easy to grasp (thanks to disturbing visuals of flaming faucets and grossly tumerous rats)
  • c) near at home
  • d) threaten you and your family’s life sooner rather than later and
  • e) aren’t prone to ideological skewing
  • f) span class, religious and race boundaries

c) is important because, human nature being what it is, people care more about horrors that threaten them and their family. There are stunningly awful pictures of deformed Iraqi babies from Fallujah, compliments of American Depleted Uranium and other chemical horrors, but they don’t threaten American babies, and thus, unfortunately, the public that becomes aware of DU deformities tunes it out.

e) means: no matter your ideology or politics, you are unlikely to evaluate GMO’s and fracking from an ideological perspective. This raises intriguing possibilities for developing transpartisan alliances.

I’ve made the point, previously, and I’ve since noticed that Naomi Klein has also made the point, that disaster activism should shadow disasters, as surely as disaster capitalism looks to exploit disasters, though for selfish purposes. Since we are fated to suffer disasters, compliments of our dysfunctional society, we may as well use those unfortunate events to turn “lemons into lemonade”.

There are no shortage of issues to concern people, but the sorts of issues that satisfy the conditions a) through f), that I list above, are few and far between.


I’ve made similar comments in a diary or two addressed to Green Party supporters during the last election, but just talking about GMO’s. See What Would it Take for Stein/Honkala to Break Out of the 2% Ghetto? Hint: Go Nuclear.

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