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Over Easy: Monday Science


vampire squid with money

The humble vampire squid counts its earnings from new media appearances.

Squid are cool. The Giant Squid is one of the coolest, but it’s rarely been photographed in the wild, and never filmed in the wild. Until now. This LA Times story is the most detailed I’ve found so far. This is the most detailed video so far released. Warning: Begins with a commercial and has voiceover. Discovery will be doing a special on it.

We can now play with heat just as if it was sound. Possible applications would include a heat diode, where heat can only pass one direction. Imagine a house coated with this stuff.

Fukushima is under control, eh? I don’t think so. Cesium amounts are up 10x from a year ago. I’m sure this and this are just a coincidences, they’d have died of lukimia anyway.

Well, it’s still carbon but it’s better. And $10M is still a drop in the bucket.

Energy from water vapor. This opens up all kinds of micromachine possibilities. Unclear if it would scale up to anything beyond that.

The fact that creationists consider evolution an unproven theory doesn’t stop us from doing it. Here pupfish evolution based on environment is actually observed. Officially, the creationism folks do not consider natural selection to be evolution. In related news, why human skin wrinkles in water.

Myths hurt healthcare all over the world. In Pakistan, they fear iodized salt.  They also kill polio vaccine workers.

Largest known spiral galaxy spotted by accident. 5x the size of the Milky Way. This is the most massive currently known star, 320x the size of the sun.  This is currently the largest known star. Mass and size are related, but it’s not a consistent ratio in stars.

Cool new kind of telescope. This one measures space-time fluctuations AKA gravity waves.

Another reason biofuels aren’t perfect. But they’re still better than petroleum. Coal plants are becoming uncompetitive with the environmental regulations we’ve got now even though they still paying only a small percent of the actual costs of their emissions.

Boxturtle (Short post today because of very busy weekend)

Image by DonkeyHotey released under a Creative Commons license.

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