“Never be open and honest when you can be duplicitous” seems to be National Organization for Marriage’s motto.  Tweets and blogs by NOM’s president Brian Brown about his recent trip to France could lead a person to believe that he was there merely to witness the anti-marriage equality rally held last weekend in Paris.

What Brown has left unacknowledged is that NOM is surreptitiously running an anti-gay referendum campaign in France.  Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper discovered NOM’s subterfuge:

On Friday, a “Laissez-Nous Voter” site (Let Us Vote) popped up. The site is geared toward telling the French people that same-gender couple’s civil marriage right should go before a public referendum:

And who, would you guess, is behind this French site? Why none other than Texan Colton Brugger, the OPUSFidelis tech guy who does all of the National Organization For Marriage’s web work. …

So that explains why Brian Brown (and possibly other NOM staffers) are over in France. These conservative Catholic Republicans from the United States are trying to tell the French people how to conduct their affairs. Because being told what to do by Americans is something the French people love, right?

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By the way, if that “French” family looks familiar, it’s because it is the “Washington state” family adorning NOM’s Preserve Marriage Washington website:

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer