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Glenn Beck Planning Intentional Living Community

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Wants To Go Galt

Glenn Beck has a dream, not surprisingly it involves a theme-park.

Galt railed against the collectivist system and believed that only through freedom could people tap into their divine potential to become creators of their own: leaders, businessmen, artists, and so on. The community that was created in this spirit was called “Galt’s Gultch,” and it is that very ideal Beck strives to emulate in his own enterprises. In fact, that’s why he moved to Texas.

Drawing on this free market, limited-government model, Beck said he aspires to build an actual community based on just that. While the price tag of building an actual city-slash-theme park is steep at an estimated $2 billion, Beck said he feels compelled to move forward with his ultimate plan “once piece at a time.” Having toured “three possible sites in three different states” and having spoken to two governors already, Beck is serious in his goals.

Thus, Thursday night Beck unveiled yet another component in his American Dream Labs — an entire city called “Independence, USA.”

Have we finally reached the cult phase of Glenn Beck? The city/theme park would be “self-sufficient” producing net energy and growing its own food. Beck says “We have to have simpler times.”

Then again, why limit yourself to the planet?

In addition to Independence, Beck also unveiled his plans for a truly awe-inspiring event to be launched on July 4th, titled, “The Man in The Moon.” This visual-spectacular will seek to capture and tell a quintessential American story. Complete with storyboards, Tesla coils and insight into the magnitude and scope of this production.

Nothing says simpler times than Tesla coils.

Photo by Gage Skidmore under Creative Commons license

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