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Rolls Royce Sales Set Record

In case you were concerned for the .1% during our planet’s continued economic woes, fear not. For the third year in a row, Rolls Royce motorcar sales have set a high record.

And, even more sweetly, the United States has recaptured sales leadership from the upstart Chinese!

Adding to its record-setting years in 2010 and 2011, the Goodwood-based carmaker moved 3,575 units, an increase of 38 over the year before.

The US retook its crown as the greatest consumers of Rolls-Royces, snagging it back from China. Other market movers were the Middle East, where sales rose 26 percent, Mainland Europe – the same place where mass-market makers are drowning in woe and inventory – that rose by 21 percent, and the Asia Pacific region and its 18-percent rise. Rolls-Royce is probably making more money on its cars, too, with bespoke uptake reaching 95 percent on the 10-year-old Phantom line and 73 percent for the Ghost line.

Nothing measures the ease and certainty felt by the world’s upper economic status individuals better than the purchase of almost totally optional, completely excessive consumer goods. Sure, measuring their wealth is one way to see how much richer they’ve gotten in our madcap economy. But seeing bauble purchases rise gives a much better of their comfort level.

Aren’t you happy for these new Rolls Royce owners? I know their need for their next purchase makes me hungry for cat food.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge