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Come Saturday Morning: Schoep and John Update

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Remember the story of Schoep the dog, whose owner, John Unger, rocked him to sleep in the waters of Lake Superior last summer? Old Schoeppers has arthritis and was having such a hard time of it that John and his vet were considering giving him euthanasia. But since the photo of the two went viral worldwide, enough kind people have sent Schoep and John money and presents that Schoep has been able to get laser treatment for his arthritis, and now skips around like he did when he was younger. So many things have been sent to John and Schoep that a fund has been established for other animals in need.

From a September 25, 2012 HuffPostUK story on Schoep and John:

Without the funds to pay for his dog’s medication and vet bills and unable to witness the pain his faithful companion was going through, John had planned to say farewell to Schoep in the fortnight after the August picture was taken.

Schoep’s vet Erik Haukaas, at the Bay Area Animal Hospital, confirmed this, telling “In July, euthanisation was an option we talked about.

“It’s no longer an option we talk about. When we started him on pain medicine and glucosamine and laser therapy, we were hoping to make an improvement.

“It doesn’t always. It is just one more thing we try instead of putting a dog to sleep. In this case, it all worked out tremendously.”

You can follow the continuing story of Schoep and John at their website and their Facebook page. Woof!

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