The Return Of Shakira’s Ass & Random Ten Thingy

In honor of a new Yo La Tengo coming out this coming week (and would it kill them to come to San Diego? No. No it would not.) here is a random tenish off of Lil Tom, the rapidly aging but still trusty iPod:

Sailing Shoes – Robert Palmer (backed by Little Feat)
One More Night – Fucked Up
It Just Dawned On Me – John Doe & The Sadies
Lucidity – Tame Impala
Second Sight – Placebo
Baby Eyes – Green Day
Tiger – Maximum Balloon
The Birds Part 1 – The Weeknd
Dead, Drunk, And Naked – Drive-By Truckers
Bambalele – Audra McDonald
and that extra one: Rakim – Dead Can Dance

…about Yo La Tengo:

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Also, a big thumbs up for the Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio. Thanks…

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