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Ohio Superintendent, Community Support Portrait of Jesus Hanging in Public School

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Jackson City School District Superintendent Phil Howard finds support at school board meeting where hundreds boo those expressing that the portrait’s presence violates the U.S. Constitution.

Yes, it’s time again for an episode of “Might Makes Right” and “Majority Rules.” The trouble began when the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent Superintendent Phil Howard a letter pointing out that a portrait of Jesus (on display in the public school since 1947, donated by a Christian student group) was an “egregious violation of the the First Amendment.” Read and weep at the defense of the portrait:

Superintendent Phil Howard addressed a crowd of hundreds who attended the school board meeting at Jackson High School Tuesday night, saying the board fully supported his decision to leave the portrait in place…Prior to Howard’s announcement, several people voiced their opinions during the open discussion segment of the meeting. “I am tired, without being blunt, of the political correctness that is going on in this country right now,” Tom Jones, a missionary from Minford, said. “It is tearing up our country.”

Reaction from those in attendance made it clear which side the majority was on, as those in favor of the picture remaining were applauded. Those in favor of it being removed were booed.

I wonder if it’s ever occurred to the residents of Jackson County, Ohio what their feelings might be if the school received a portrait of Buddha, or Moses or the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Oh wait, that would require critical thinking skills.

Now weep some more. (WSAZ):

According to WSAZ, over 11,000 people had joined the “Citizens of Jackson County for Jesus” Facebook group, which was created by Jon Hensler to oppose FFRF’s request.

Hensler wept openly when the TV station asked him why the Facebook page had become so popular.

“You wonder in today’s world what our children and our grandchildren are going to have,” he said, choking up. “And it’s good to see that there’s still people in our community that are willing to stand up and speak out for Christ.”

Hensler insisted that the spirit of Jesus would remain even if the portrait was removed because “Christ lives within us, we know that.”

Video from NBC4i.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding