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NC: Bigoted restaurant owner slips condemning letter to lesbian couple — after they’ve dined and paid

I love the new homophobia. In the vein of Chik-Fil-a, bigoted establishments welcome gay dollars, but want to condemn at the same time. In New Bern, NC on December 4, Ariel and Shawnee McPhail walked into The Stingray Café, sat down and had their meal, and had this handed to them by the restaurant’s owner, Ed McGovern after they had paid and were leaving (via WCTI12 ABC, which also has a video report):

“God said in the last days that man and wom[a]n would be lover of self, more [than] the lover of God.

That man and woman would have unnatural [affection] for one another. Then, the coming of the Son of Man, who is Jesus. So please, look at your life. See how it hurt[s] everyone around you. And ask the Lord to open your eye[s] before it [is] to[o] late.

The Love of Christ

P.S. my daughter also was gay. It destroy[ed] her life and my grandson.”

McGovern told the news station that he did indeed give them the letter (“out of love”), and had done this to another lesbian couple before. He claimed the McPhails were kissing outside of his establishment, something the couple denies.

“First of all, we didn’t kiss. We don’t kiss in public. We were holding hands,” said Shawnee McPhail. “Secondly, if I did kiss my wife in public, what married couple would you go to and say, ‘how dare you. You cannot hold hands and you cannot kiss in public therefore you deserve my judgement.'”

One of the commenters at the WCTI article page said it best: “I see he gave them the letter after they’d eaten there and paid the tab. Apparently their money was good enough for him…

I’ve been to New Bern (the birthplace of Pepsi and  the second oldest town in North Carolina), it’s a beautiful, normally welcoming town — I’ve never experienced any problems, but…I’m not surprised this kind of bible-beating goes on.

How about politely sharing your thoughts about this bit of business with  Ed McGovern at the Stingray’s guestbook.

And you can help people patronizing restaurants in the New Bern area out by informing them about McGovern’s “customer service.”

The Stingray Café
520 South Front Street
New Bern, North Carolina

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding