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Stewardship…google it

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Ladies and Gentlemen, a sterling representative of the Democratic Party:

State Sen. Dick Saslaw does not mince words about his support for uranium mining. A Northern Virginia Democrat who is also the Senate minority leader, Saslaw says burying the radioactive byproduct known as tailings underground should be a solution to environmental concerns. And he says he can’t be concerned about what might happen 100 [years] from now.

Yes, after all Mr. Saslaw will not be here, so why worry about it.

He then ended the interview and went home and filled his lamps with whale oil.

It’s folks like Mr. Saslaw, of course, who undoubtedly don’t notice the environment around him collapsing because in the past the same logic applied…except, unlike many of them, he has a chance to be fully informed yet refuses to care.


How about we bury those radioactive tailings in your backyard then, Saslaw?

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