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I Shot My Mouth Off And You Showed Me What That Hole Was For

Hey kids, let’s watch ladykiller Joe Scarborough go all, “oh no, you’ dit’int!” and ‘snap snap snap’ at his abused teevee wife, Mika Brzezinski, for getting all lady-uppity and challenging Joe’s dominion on his morning caffeinated conventional wisdom idiot show.

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Of course, later in the show Brzezinski apologized:

Later in the show, Brzezinski apologized to Scarborough, saying his “entire career” backs up the fact that he is not, indeed, a chauvinist. She reiterated her point that she disliked how Scarborough handled the segment.

…because Joe Scarborough is not one to be trifled with

I have no problem with Scarborough snapping his fingers at his panel as long he always does it to Harold Ford with the admonition, “Nobody gives a shit what you think, grifter” and then the rest of the panel just laughs and laughs.

Also, he should punch Mark Halperin in the mouth. Just because…

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