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A Different Perspective On The Gun Control Debate

I’m not here to talk about the pro’s and con’s of guns or whether or not you or I like them. This is about the debate itsself and how our government is dealing with the problem by using a completely fictitious scenario for a comparison.

So, I want to try putting this into a different perspective and take the gun part completely out of the conversation.

Let’s say, just as an illustration, that we have had a long standing issue with an inordinate amount of our fine citizens coming to an early demise that seems to always involve churches, wooden churches to be specific.
It seems that there are too many fires in these wooden churches and they are killing too many people for our comfort level.
Let us also say, that besides these churches all being made out of wood, they are all also two story wooden churches with steep stair cases people have to use to get in or out of.

Every once in a while there is a very bad fire and a great many people lose their lives but come to find out most of them die because when they try and escape the fire, they come stumbling out of the church with smoke in their eyes and fall down the stairs and break their necks.

People have been grumbling about these wooden churches being dangerous for years but now it seems we have two problems. The churches catch fire too easily and way too often but those stairs are what is killing more people than the fires themselves.
What are we going to do about this?

The next thing you know, there is yet another really bad fire and 26 people die, most of them small, innocent children and now the people demand action, especially when they find out that only the adults died in the actual fire, they all spent their last efforts making sure the children got out of the church safely but all the kids had smoke in their eyes and fell down the stairs and broke their necks, every one of them.

Now, there is a national uproar calling for the banishment of two story wooden churches with steep stair cases and the President vows to act swiftly and personally to address this scourge. He orders a great many people to come up with various ideas and then, He, will issue an Executive Order!

But wait a minute, now you have the religious people in an uproar, what do you mean, we can’t have wooden two story churches with steep stair cases?
We have always had two story wooden churches with steep stair cases, ever since this country was founded!
The First Amendment guarantees us freedom of religion and now you want to use an Executive Order to ban our churches?!

Well, let’s not get upset here, everyone needs to be rational about this.
You still have freedom of religion, you can build as many churches as you like!
They just can’t be made out of wood,and they all have to be single story churches without those really dangerous stair cases, because I said so.

Now, you tell me what the difference is between this ficticious scenario and the one involving gun control lately .
I’m all ears.

Cross posted at my Blog, Ornery Bastard.

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