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Some Good News from FDL’s Barbara Grothus Post-LANL6 Hearing

Yeppers; ya did just fine, bgrothus.  ;o)


Other Firedogs will fill in the tweets of the day and further information for us.  Which charges were dropped, what the fines will amount to, what’s next, etc.

Great news so far, Barbara.  You rock; all six of you.  Solidarity!

Hope you and the others are out havin’ a margarita or two.  ;o)

The gist of it is that the Judge dismissed the Trespassing charges, retained the Obstruction of Traffic and Refusing to Obey the Officer Krupkes.  Sentence includes a year of probation, and fines and fees amounting to about $340.  Read further in the tweeties for their possible future plans about appeals or fines.


For background on the Hiroshima Anniversary peaceful civil disobedience at Los Alamos National Laboratory which they were arrested, click here; for the support page for the LANL6 and photos, click here.

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