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Late Night: Clown Suits, Short Shorts, and Pupper Dogs!

Good evening firepuppers! Phoenix here, filling in on this fine Wotan’s Day evening. And how are you all tonight?

In a blog post from yesterday, Paul Krugman states the following:

There seem to be two kinds of objections. One is that it would be undignified. Here’s how to think about that: we have a situation in which a terrorist may be about to walk into a crowded room and threaten to blow up a bomb he’s holding. It turns out, however, that the Secret Service has figured out a way to disarm this maniac — a way that for some reason will require that the Secretary of the Treasury briefly wear a clown suit. (My fictional plotting skills have let me down, but there has to be some way to work this in). And the response of the nervous Nellies is, “My god, we can’t dress the secretary up as a clown!” Even when it will make him a hero who saves the day?

The other objection is the apparently primordial fear that mocking the monetary gods will bring terrible retribution.

Shall we help out Mr. Krugman here? In the comments, place your (fairly brief, please) synopsis of just how Timothy Geithner comes to don a clown suit to save the world. (Or you can imagine Larry Summers in hot-pink short shorts and hooker heels, if that floats your boat in a better fashion. He works hard for the money, to paraphrase Donna Summer.)

Lastly, just because I can, here’s a picture of the Fluffy White Couch Dogs doing what they do best — waiting for someone to drop a piece of food on the floor. Enjoy!

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