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Bradley Manning’s January Motion Hearing, Day 2

bradley manning

Bradley Manning

12:20 AM EST The government and defense are arguing over whether certain materials can be accepted as fact during the trial so the judge can consult throughout proceedings.

12:15 AM EST The trial date was pushed back yet again to June 3 of this year. It was postponed because the defense needs to complete interviews with agencies on evidence, which it will submit around February 22. That will then give the government notice of what evidence needs to be prepared for the trial. The slowing turning wheels of bureaucracy in government mean sixty days are needed to complete processing.

11:03 AM EST Courthouse News‘ Adam Klasfeld points to this military case, US v. McCarthy, where a member of the US Navy, Patrick B. McCarthy, was awarded 3-to-1 credit for his three days on suicide watch without medical treatment. Comparatively, Manning was only given 1-to-1 credit.

According to Klasfeld, McCarthy was convicted of sexually abusing his 3-year-old daughter and served eight years minus nine days credit for three suicide watch days.

11:00 AM EST Yet to begin proceedings for the day. Negotiations behind closed doors over “stipulations” have been ongoing for past hour.

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